Authentic Dating Secrets is an intensive virtual journey for Men who want MORE in their relationships with women.

This training will cultivate your unshakable resilience and confidence in yourself as a man. Over the course of the four month process you’ll shift your habits, transform your inner world, and up-level your romantic life. Permanently.

With a group of men who are committed to growth and radical authenticity, you’ll have the opportunity to do consistent Inner Work… building crystal clear boundaries and deep respect for yourself.

Through a carefully curated series of Life Experiments designed to stretch you (sustainably) into a totally new level of ease connecting with women anywhere, you will emerge ready to create romantic relationships beyond your wildest dreams.

Your Guides

With a combined 25+ years experience
Robert and Joshua have helped men from across the world fully inhabit their Masculine Potency AND Open-Heartedness so that they can magnetically and confidently attract like-minded women wherever they go.

“I was a 25 year old virgin who would freeze up around women. Every. Time. Now, thanks to these Secrets, I have as much intimacy as I want with multiple lovers across the world who would rather share a King than have a fool all to themselves.”

ROBERT SCHWENKLER leads men’s workshops internationally and has helped private clients from across 3 continents to triple their revenue, rekindle the passion in their relationships, and find deep levels of inner peace.

Many of his clients have achieved extraordinary success in past lives as Army Sniper Instructors, Hollywood Directors, and private yoga instructors to Saudi Arabian Princes.

What they all hold in common is a commitment to live in full alignment with their deepest life purpose.

“When I divorced after 13 years I came to terms with the ways I had been giving my power away for so long. Truly claiming it back made me utterly magnetic to women. I want to share the secret with any man who’s ready for MORE.”

JOSHUA HATHAWAY, M.A. is a Transformational Trickster, Trainer, Coach, and proud father.

He has 12 years’ experience teaching NonViolent Communication, private coaching and counseling with hundreds of individuals and couples, and leading Men’s Circles and retreats.

His No Bullsh!t brand communication trainings have been delivered extensively to private and corporate clients such as Zappos and LYFT.

He gently and humorously dismantles people’s Bullsh!t, delivers practical skill building tools, and facilitates experiences that bring home the power and value of connection.

By the Rising Kings Movement

We are a community of men committed to their deepest levels of Compassion, Power, and Attuned Leadership. Our Mission is to call forth all men who no longer accept the status quo of dominant culture, and who hunger for quantum steps toward self realization, self expression, and self liberation.

We exist to heal the rifts and wounds of masculinity and unlock each man’s innate Kingship for the benefit of ALL humanity. We achieve this outcome by delivering the most potent, aligned, and high-value men’s trainings on the face of the planet.


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