The 5-Step “Anti-PUA” System to Meet and Attract Women Without Being a Creepy D-Bag

In this FREE Online Training, You Will Discover…

  • How to confidently approach and create connection with women – without using manipulative or scripted PUA tactics (women are starving to meet guys who “get” this).
  • The ‘Magic Decoder Ring’ to Women – Much of what you’ve been taught about what women want is the exact opposite of the truth. Once you “get” this secret, women relax and become turned on simply by being in your presence.
  • The 3rd Secret will show you how to eliminate the ‘Friend Zone’ from your relationships with women – permanently.
  • How to date so that you can call in the sexual and/or life partner of your dreams (even if you’re just getting back into the dating game).
  • And… you’ll learn how to do all of this in a way that’s 100% authentic to you. When you learn and implement these 5 Secrets, your very presence will improve the lives of the women you meet.

About Us

Joshua and Robert are Co-Founders of the Brotherhood Community. Involved in men’s work for a collective two and a half decades, they are devoted creating a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world by changing the face of modern male leadership.

ROBERT SCHWENKLER leads men’s workshops internationally and has helped private clients from across 3 continents to triple their revenue, rekindle the passion in their relationships, and find deep levels of inner peace.

Many of his clients have achieved extraordinary success in past lives as Army Sniper Instructors, Hollywood Directors, and private yoga instructors to Saudi Arabian Princes. 

What they all hold in common is a commitment to live in full alignment with their deepest life purpose.

JOSHUA HATHAWAY, M.A. is a Transformational Trickster, Trainer, Coach, and proud father.

He has 12 year’s experience teaching NonViolent Communication, private coaching and counseling with hundreds of individuals and couples, and leading Men’s Circles and retreats.

His No Bullsh!t brand communication trainings have been delivered extensively to private and corporate clients such as Zappos and LYFT.

He gently and humorously dismantles people’s Bullsh!t, delivers practical skill building tools, and facilitates experiences that bring home the power and value of connection.

Authentic Dating Secrets is Different

These Secrets are not just the solution to a thriving dating life… they are the solution to a thriving life. Period.

Surface level scripts and tactics may get you phone numbers and even sex, but without a deeper foundation in place the bottom will fall out sooner or later. These Secrets hold true whether you’re connecting with her for the 1st time or the 1000th time. They are the foundations of REAL attraction and intimacy.

The man who masters this System will have ALL the female connection he desires… all while being 100% authentic and in alignment with his values. The women he spends time with will be better off for it.

Sound too good to be true?

We’ve spoken with hundreds of women who have practically begged us to deliver them men who have mastered these Secrets. Why? Because these guys are a Breath. Of. Fresh. Air. She will feel safe enough to release the FULL untapped potential of her sexual desire… most women are yearning for a man (or five!) like this.

When you’re ready, click below to watch a free training where we outline the exact process we use to help our clients create exponential (and permanent) results in their sex and dating lives.

We promise it will be the most rewarding 60 minutes you’ve ever spent on the quest to master your dating life.